Autodoc Tecnologia is committed to prioritize data security and responsibility, supplying our clients and users with transparency on personal data management that are provided on our platforms.
This Policy explains how Autodoc may collect and manage your personal information, presenting roles of each agent involved in the process of data security and unravelling the purpose of data collecting.
We would like to highlight that all requirements specified on the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD) are embodied here.

Roles and Responsabilitities

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When does Autodoc operate as Controller?

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When does Autodoc operate as DPO?

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Communication Channel

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There are three active agents in the cycle of Personal Data life:

Person whose personal data are registered or collected on our plasform;

Responsable to input and manage personal datas;

Office (DPO)
Person who performs the processing of personal data on behalf of the Controller.


For monitoring and tracking user actions, solution improvement and/or new features delivery, our platform collects a few personal data, such as:​

  • IP Address;
  • Geolocation coordinates (mobile apps);
  • Operational system and browser information.

Autodoc offers solutions through Saas (Software as a Service) platforms.

We provide access logins so our customers are enabled to input their users and collaborators personal data with the purpose of workflow management only. Understanding that our client as a user is the one to select and input data on our platform, it’s Autodoc responsibility to comply with the guidelines on good practice data processing security. Therefore, regarding data privacy, it’s applied agreement management, traffic/ rest cryptography, verification/authorization, monitoring and tracking.

Personal data collecting and processing are likely to happen for:

Users Administration

To control users’ access on apps we work with:

Name: for clear identification who the user is. This information may be presented on specified reports with the purpose of recognizing who is accountable for the actions taken on the system;
E-mail: for transactions emails regarding notifications linked up with the user’s interests. We also use this information to send notifications about Autodoc products, which the user can disable whenever they find convenient.

Collaborators Administration

Autodoc offers products which, by themselves, use our client’ collaborators’ information to operate, with the purpose of: building site access control, legal/ tax documentation and certified training management. Information is input on the application interface and is available in reports targeted at those who are accountable for this process.

Informations are:

  • Name

  • Birthdate

  • Photo

  • ID Number

  • CPF (social security number)

  • PIS

  • Other personal documents required by the contractore

Guest Administration

Autodoc GD4 offers a guest register function to access our client building sites. This function is a legal imposition to identify every person that enters the building site, acknowledging eventual responsibility verification on site.
Informations are:

  • First and last name

  • ID number

  • Photo


Regarding the holders, Autodoc is available through a specific communication channel to answer any question you may have. By request, in this channel we will provide which personal data are presented on our platform. Holders also can revoke previous consent, demand extraction of said information to service portability or even request definitive exclusion. Access Customer Portal Autodoc and select “Data Privacy” to engage with us.